Recycling Scrap Metal for Make-A-Wish™

Team Thunderbolt

I've known the Young family for almost 15 years and have known the struggles their son BJ has had growing up under life threatening circumstances.  Initially, being told that BJ had Mitochondrial disease, Duane and Amy prepared for what they thought would be only a few years with their newborn son.  One of their most cherished gifts they received was an all expenses paid trip to Disney World™ as a gift from the Make-A-Wish Foundation™. Because of that experience, they made it their mission to attempt to raise enough funds to support a child's wish each year.  Thankfully BJ is now 17 years old.  His diagnosis has changed and the prognosis is much better, but that has not stopped Team Thunderbolt's efforts to raise money to grand wishes.  To show our support, we at Big Lake Appliance Service pledge to collect and then recycle all metal collected from repairs and donate that metal to Team Thunderbolt so that they may continue to fund wishes for Make-A-Wish™ heroes.

Supporting 4 -H and the future of our Farm

We were happy to be an ad a bid sponsor for Coopersville 6th grader Eli M. who hand raised a calf this spring and summer while participating in 4 - H.  This is his second year in the program and after earning a Junior Showmanship award he is looking forward to being able to finish his steer next year and be able to earn even more money for college.  We firmly believe in supporting the youth of West Michigan and are committed in helping in any way we can.

We are Epa Certified - What's the big deal?

Being EPA certified means our technicians have take the time to be trained in how to properly reclaim and dispose of harmful HFC's such as "Freon" that are depleting the Ozone layer.  We use state of the art equipment to make sure little refrigerant as possible escapes during the repair process.  Our 20 plus years of experience in refrigeration repair ensures no leak repairs of your refrigerator or freezer and a safe environment for you and your family.