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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few answers to questions that may help provide clarification about our business and our services.

We Love Pets!! But, sometimes they just don't like us! If your pet is aggressive by nature or doesn't like strangers in the home, we ask that you place your pet outside or secure somewhere else in the home. Sometimes, being in your pets home may cause your pet to become upset or begin to act up during the visit. We find some pet behavior to be extremely distracting to our technicians and unhealthy for your pet. It is for those reasons, our technician may politely request you to secure your pet. In the event that you deny our technicians request, our technician may terminate the visit and you may be responsible for all charges that have already incurred.

For the health and safety of our technicians, we ask that you refrain from all types of smoking during our visit. All of our technicians are non-smokers and non-tobacco users. We realize and respect that it is your right to use Medical Marijuana in your home, but 2nd hand smoke may alter our technicians ability to repair your appliance, affect his ability to operate technical equipment or drive his vehicle. It is for that reason we will not be able to enter you home unless it is free of marijuana smoke.
We prefer the owner of the home to be home during the service visit, but it is not necessary. We will gladly work with family, neighbors, or friends to complete the service request and keep you up to date during the visit with text or phone call updates. Payment is required at the end of the visit and can be obtained over the phone.
IF the OEM part is no longer available, we may install a used part. In the case of an obsolete OEM part, we will do our best to get the part from any source possible and sometimes that means purchasing used parts. Used parts are a last resort and carry no warranty.
For liability reasons we can not install a part that we did not provide for you. Unfortunately there are aftermarket products out there, that just do not meet our standards, nor the standards of the manufacturer. We only by OEM parts from authorized part distributers.
Yes we are fully insured. In the event that we are found at fault for damage to your home, proof of insurance can be provided at your request.
All technicians will wear shoe covers at your request. If pulling out your appliance is necessary, we use custom 1/8 in. hardboards that lay over your existing floors and provide protection against scratches and dents. You may be asked to sign a waiver if our technician is unable to use these boards due to space restrictions or installation limitations.
Unfortunately, no. At this time we do not offer drop off service. We are fully set up to work on any household appliance in your home.

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